Merit Badge Counselors

Below is a listing of Troop 1 Lancaster merit badge counselors:

American Business Jay Riley
Astronomy John Aurin
Camping William Madden
Chess Jay Riley
Citizenship in the Community John Aurin
Citizenship in the Nation John Aurin
Citizenship in the World John Aurin
Communications Jay Riley
Cooking Jil Doherty
Crime Prevention John Aurin
Disabilities Awareness Lesley Allison
Electronics John Aurin
Engineering John Aurin
Family Life Don von Linden
First Aid William Madden
Fishing William Madden
Fly Fishing John Aurin
Fly Fishing Jay Riley
Golf John Aurin
Golf Jay Riley
Indian Lore William Madden
Personal Fitness Jay Riley
Personal Management Marta Aurin
Public Speaking Jil Doherty
Reptile Studies April Luton Hunter
Salesmanship Jay Riley
Skating Jay Riley
Snow Sports John Aurin
Space Exploration John Aurin
Sports Jay Riley
Sustainability Jay Riley
Water Sports Jay Riley